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ART PRODUCTION Foundation is a well established Romanian Event Management Company. Our quality services include all kind of party planning services, road shows, laser shows, magical shows, award functions hosing etc. We also provide Artist Management  services and can arrange celebrities for your personal or corporate events.

Show Organizers

ART PRODUCTION Foundation is fully absorbed in the event management services for planning and organizing exhibition, stage shows, music shows, live concerts, dance shows, ballet shows, corporate events, wedding theme, sports events, road shows, social gathering shows, product launch shows, trade biz shows, theme party shows, managing business show, B2B shows and B2C shows. We also organize celebrity party, international musical concerts, ballets, theater, circus and conferences.

Event Management

As one stop-solution for Event Management, we are taking care of everything after discussing with the clients the complex details involved in the execution of the event. Our professionals and experts of event management study the intricacies of the brand and trying to translate the visions of the clients as depicted, so to make them more satisfied. What our expertises are doing, they read the nature of the event and accordingly identify the target audience for the particular event to make it more strategic and profitable for the client; they devise the event concept, plan the logistic and coordinate the technical aspects before the execution of proposed event. Besides the event designing, we are also providing services of audio-visual production, media-coverage so as to reach to thousands and thousands of targeted audience.

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